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:: Emma :: Provo, UT Utah County Newborn Photographer

I had the chance to photograph this sweet little newborn baby on Saturday. She is just over three weeks old and as adorable as ever. She seemed so tiny! She was a little older than some of the newborns I photograph and she wasn't afraid to let us know that she was getting sick of being posed and moved around. It didn't matter, we still came away with some gorgeous pictures and I had a lot of fun holding a tiny baby for a minute.


:: Audrey :: Southern Utah Newborn Photographer

This amazing little baby girl is the reason we headed to St. George over the weekend.

My little niece (my fifth niece, to be exact) was blessed by her Daddy. Before the big event, we did a quick little mini session to get an updated family picture for my sister's family an a few individual pictures of Audrey to hang on the wall.

Audrey was blessed on Sunday morning and while the other women were slaving away in the kitchen, I was the lucky one who got to sit and play with the baby and take her pictures. She was so easy to work with, especially for being two months old. I had to make sure and capture all the little details of her blessing outfit because it was cute, but most important, because my Mom made the entire thing. She's amazing. I'm so glad I got to be there for this little lady's special day! I love her.

We had to do a couple quick tutu pictures to hang in her room to match the tutu pictures I took of her big sister Anna two years ago.

:: M. Family :: Southern Utah Family Photographer

I went to St. George over the weekend and while I was there I had the chance to photograph this amazing little family. The weather was amazing the entire day up until about 10 minutes before the session. It all of a sudden got a little chilly (not cold, because St. George never really gets cold) and the wind was blowing. Kaden was a champ through all the pictures, but poor little Kennedy was freezing and didn't want to have anything to do with the pictures. Luckily, we were still able to get some gorgeous pictures - and even some with Kennedy smiling! Here's a little preview to hold them over until I get their disc in the mail:


:: Mekelle & Gene :: Provo, Utah, Utah County Photographer

I was excited when my cute cousin, Mekelle, asked me to do her engagement photos. Then, I remembered that it's been less than 20 degrees outside and there's tons of snow everywhere. I've never done a session in the snow before, and I was nervous! It's hard to find a spot with clean, pretty white snow (instead of the dirty yucky snow that is by any road or high traffic areas) and it's even harder to keep your nose from turning bright red when it's freezing cold outside. But, guess what? It was a giant success! We were way limited on time, thanks to the fact that it gets dark so early and it was so cold, but we came away with some amazing images. Not only that, but it was fun to see Mekelle and meet her fiancée. Since her wedding is only a month away, I've been editing like crazy to get these pictures finished. So, without further ado, here's a sneak peek for Mekelle and the rest of the family: