:: Mekelle & Gene :: Provo, Utah, Utah County Photographer

I was excited when my cute cousin, Mekelle, asked me to do her engagement photos. Then, I remembered that it's been less than 20 degrees outside and there's tons of snow everywhere. I've never done a session in the snow before, and I was nervous! It's hard to find a spot with clean, pretty white snow (instead of the dirty yucky snow that is by any road or high traffic areas) and it's even harder to keep your nose from turning bright red when it's freezing cold outside. But, guess what? It was a giant success! We were way limited on time, thanks to the fact that it gets dark so early and it was so cold, but we came away with some amazing images. Not only that, but it was fun to see Mekelle and meet her fiancée. Since her wedding is only a month away, I've been editing like crazy to get these pictures finished. So, without further ado, here's a sneak peek for Mekelle and the rest of the family:


cmhd said...

These turned out great - I love the last one!

Rachel Doyle said...

These did turnout great --

Chris & Stephanie said...

Kristen, you did a fantastic job. They look great.